We offer a suite of educational products for schools -- Student Information, Parent Communication, Lesson Planning, Student Portfolios, IEPs, etc.

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Do you want to be more involved in your child's education?


"If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them."

Isaac Asimov


We are dedicated to helping teachers, parents and school administrators improve learning outcomes.

What does that include? Well, it includes improving access to vetted content that matches the learning needs and styles of an individual child. It includes maximizing the ability of a parent to be involved in their children's education. It includes freeing a teacher from crushing administrative burdens so they can spend more time with their kids. It includes giving administrators and regulators access to the data they need.

And it includes the requirement that all of these be available at an affordable price so that anyone, anywhere, can benefit.

We're in the business of building web-based tools to help make all of that happen.

Our automated Class Logs are a good example. Teachers can document each day's activities. What did we talk about? What are the most important points to remember? What is the assignment for tomorrow? If it's appropriate, say for example in a kindergarten environment, they can even include photos of the children as they interact in the classroom. In short, teachers can include whatever they want that will help communicate to parents what their children are engaged in at school. Parents can view this information over any Internet connection using secure, password-protected access. Communications are improved, and parental involvement is enhanced.

And that's just one example.

So if you're a parent, or a teacher, or a school administrator -- or just interested in helping people to learn -- talk to us. We want to help.