What our customers say about us..

"AutoIEP is an unbelievable time-saver. As a supervisor of curriculum, I review all the IEPs in our school, and with AutoIEP, I can do it from any computer anywhere. Not only that, with much of the information on each form that remains the same from year to year, I no longer have to reenter it, over and over and over. It's just there, automatically. Perhaps most significantly, the database allows me to analyze Goal Statement information so much more quickly and accurately - rather than having to dig through folders full of hand-written papers."

Holly Schaefer
IEP Administrator, Grades K-12
The Cove School


For Administrators

  • Your teachers and administrators have secure, private access to SIS records and IEPs 24 hours a day.
  • Access is available from any Internet connection.
  • Information is shared among all those with authorized access to it and only needs to be entered once. The system eliminates duplication of effort.
  • You can set up a curriculum organized by subject and grade level for your whole school and make it available to your teachers for assessing student performance.
  • Your teachers can document class activities and student progress against standards in the normal course of their classroom duties.
  • Information prepared by your teachers online in the normal course of their class day can be reused for accreditation or other reporting purposes.
  • Teachers can create (and administrators can review) IEPs using their own custom libraries of frequently used PLOP and Goal Statement patterns. These statements from the library can contain "variables" like "Nickname" to automatically personalize the statement when placed in a specific IEP. They can be edited further for individual students.
  • A historical record of outcomes is automatically created.
  • Data is stored in a secure, offsite location.
  • Compliance is improved.
  • Since the system is all online, there is no hardware to buy and maintain, and no software to purchase or install. In fact there are no hardware and software start-up costs!