What our customers say about us..

"AutoSIS is enhancing communication with parents - they can go online and see exactly how their children are meeting their goals. And they can do this any time they want, rather than having to wait for the annual meeting. For the teachers, it's been a huge boon: AutoSIS has meant less administrative work - and more actual teaching."

Phillip Jackson
Executive Director
The Chicago Grammar School


For Parents

'What did you do in school today?'


Sound familiar?

Not anymore!

Welcome to iNTELLISHARE, where we give you secure online access to your child's classroom experience.

Using Class Logs, teachers can document each day's activities. What did we talk about? What are the most important points to remember? What was most interesting? What is the assignment for tomorrow? If it's appropriate, for example in a kindergarten environment, they can even include pictures of the children that have been taken in the classroom. In short, they can include whatever they want that will help communicate to parents what their children are engaged in at school.

Parents can view this information over any Internet connection using secure, password-protected access.

Our website is extremely simple to use - in fact, there is nothing to learn. Just log in using the school name, ID and password provided by your child's school. You will immediately see your child's most recent records. Over time, as more records are stored online, you will be able to choose to view the most current one, or any of the prior plans. If you have more than one child, you will be able to choose which one's records you want to review.

Special Needs

We all know that the IEP has been a tremendous boon to millions of special children. But we also know that it presents an enormous clerical and administrative challenge for teachers and school systems alike. In fact, teachers in the special-needs arena leave the profession at a rate 40% greater than do teachers for the general population. Not surprisingly, the number one reason cited is the administrative burden.

At iNTELLISHARE, we are trying to minimize that burden. By providing online access to cutting-edge database technologies, we can eliminate much of the repetitive nature -- not to mention the time-consuming handwriting -- of the teacher's task. Time is saved, and errors are reduced. But most important, these teachers can get back to doing what they do best: teaching your child.

If you have suggestions or questions please contact us at info@intellishare.com. We'd love to hear from you.