What our customers say about us..

"With AutoIEP , the time saved is incredible. Not only is the basic information stored, and then inserted into the form with the click of a mouse. But since the form is online, I don't have to hand papers to the administrator. The administrator checks them online, submits any changes, and those changes are incorporated before the final form is printed. This saves innumerable hours of face-to-face meetings with the administrator."

Dan Polonsky
Former Special Ed. Teacher
The Cove School


Our Products

At iNTELLISHARE, we believe that teachers and school administrators know more about educating children than we do.

So, we won't try to tell you that we offer better course materials or better ways to run a classroom. We are all about creating tools that allow teachers to spend more time with students and provide a means for meaningfully engaging parents in their children's education.

  • AutoSIS contains a set of tools specifically designed to allow parents to become meaningfully engaged in the education of their children, all in the context of classroom activity and individual curriculum assignments. Tools include:
    • Class Logs, which allow teachers to efficiently maintain daily logs of activities in their classrooms. These can include photos, scanned artwork, documents, or anything else that will help to communicate a sense of the classroom to the parents;
    • Student Logs allow the teacher to elaborate on the classroom performance of individual children;
    • Curriculum Developer allows the school to create a curriculum hierarchy, and to assign sections of it to individual students or groups of students;
    • Student Assessments allow teachers to make specific comments about each student's progress in the assigned curriculum; and
    • Practice work sheets, which can be assigned for extra practice and/or as homework
  • AutoIEP (Individualized Education Plan) automates the process of completing IEPs for special needs students and share the information with parents.
  • AutoLPS (Lesson Planning System) makes collaboration on lesson planning easy and teachers can share parts of the plan with parents.
  • AutoSPS (Student Portfolio System) makes it simple to assemble portfolios of student work online from pictures, videos or scanned documents.
  • AutoICE (Interactive Conversation Engine) is a patented authoring tool that allows teachers to create virtually unlimited numbers of very realistic simulations of a teacher helping a student 'discover' the answer to a problem.
  • AutoGAT (Game Authoring Tool) is a suite of tools that anyone can use to create games and other exercises to stimulate learning.

Our objective is to build products and functionality that will allow teachers and parents to help children achieve their full potential for learning. You see, here at iNTELLISHARE, our motto is "You Are What You Do With Your Mind."