What our customers say about us..

"AutoIEP has been a wonderful change from the old handwritten version. It's so much quicker and easier to fill out than before - click, click, click and it's done. Plus, since AutoIEP is Internet-based, we can use the system from home if it's more convenient."

Vivian Drexler
Special Ed. Transition Counselor
Grades 8-12
The Cove School


For Teachers

  • Documenting your daily classroom activities is a breeze.
  • Information only needs to be entered once.
  • Include pictures, documents, scanned artwork, whatever is helpful to communicate what's going on in your class.
  • Comments that apply to more than one child can be written once and then applied to the appropriate students. This saves time, while still retaining the individual character of student assessment logs.
  • Comments about a specific child can be entered so they can only be viewed by the student's parents.
  • You can save files and review them later.
  • The system's "Autosave" feature protects you from losing partially entered data if you're called away from your computer.
  • You can access authorized records 24/7 from anywhere that you can access the Internet.
  • Since the entire product is online, there is no hardware to buy and maintain, and no software to purchase or install. In fact start-up costs are just the time it takes for you to get "up to speed" on the system and that's not long!

Special Needs

  • You are able to create your own custom libraries of frequently used PLOP and Goal Statement patterns.
  • All statements can be edited to tailor them to the needs of individual students.
  • Statements from the library can contain variables like "Nickname," which automatically personalize the statement when placed in a specific IEP.
  • You can view a summary of the Goal Statements for all of the students in your class.
  • A historical record of outcomes is automatically created.