"What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books."

Thomas Carlyle



iNTELLISHARE offers a suite of products for schools, teachers, parents and kids. Here is what people are saying about our us:

Student Information System (AutoSIS)

"AutoSIS is enhancing communication with parents - they can go online and see exactly how their children are meeting their goals. And they can do this any time they want, rather than having to wait for the annual meeting. For the teachers, it's been a huge boon: AutoSIS has meant less administrative work - and more actual teaching."

Phillip Jackson
Executive Director
The Chicago Grammar School

Individualized Education Plans (AutoIEP)

"Automation is the inevitable direction of IEPs, and iNTELLISHARE's AutoIEP is the best and most thorough product to do the job. AutoIEP is the future - but it's here right now."

Dan Polonsky
Former Special Ed. Teacher
The Cove School

"AutoIEP is an unbelievable time-saver. As a supervisor of curriculum, I review all the IEPs in our school, and with AutoIEP, I can do it from any computer anywhere. Not only that, with much of the information on each form that remains the same from year to year, I no longer have to reenter it, over and over and over. It's just there, automatically. Perhaps most significantly, the database allows me to analyze Goal Statement information so much more quickly and accurately - rather than having to dig through folders full of hand-written papers."

Holly Schaefer
IEP Administrator, Grades K-12
The Cove School

"With AutoIEP , the time saved is incredible. Not only is the basic information stored, and then inserted into the form with the click of a mouse. But since the form is online, I don't have to hand papers to the administrator. The administrator checks them online, submits any changes, and those changes are incorporated before the final form is printed. This saves innumerable hours of face-to-face meetings with the administrator."

Dan Polonsky
Former Special Ed. Teacher
The Cove School

"iNTELLISHARE's extremely user-friendly AutoIEP has, very simply, given me peace of mind. That's something that is in short supply when you're faced with too much paperwork and not enough time to do it, as is the case for most, if not all, special education teachers. Since I am obliged to spend dramatically fewer hours manually writing IEPs than I did before I started using AutoIEP, I can concentrate on lesson plans and other curriculum-related matters, rather than red tape. This gives me the confidence to know I'm doing the best job I possibly can for the kids."

Dan Polonsky
Former Special Ed. Teacher
The Cove School

"AutoIEP has been a wonderful change from the old handwritten version. It's so much quicker and easier to fill out than before - click, click, click and it's done. Plus, since AutoIEP is Internet-based, we can use the system from home if it's more convenient."

Vivian Drexler
Special Ed. Transition Counselor
Grades 8-12
The Cove School

Interactive Conversation Engine(AutoICE)

"This will change the way information is presented."

Executive Director, Ph.D.
Teacher Training Program
White Plains, New York

"I wouldn't want to be quoted on this in public, but I'm not a big believer in training. We've spent ... millions around here on training, and I don't think I can point to a single instance where I've seen it show up in the bottom line."

"What I am a big believer in is learning, and (the iNTELLISHARE) approach is all about learning."

Vice Chairman
Top-10 U.S. Commercial Bank